Our Story

How it all started...

While in a time of prayer, I heard God's unmistakable voice calling us to a higher purpose – to become pastors and spread the gospel. With unwavering faith, we embraced the divine calling and decided it was time to take the first step.
Preparations were made, and a date was set. Despite the uncertainty and nerves, we knew we had to move forward. With a single Facebook announcement, we invited others to join us in this journey. We shared the news with our children, vowing to preach the gospel with all our hearts, even if it meant starting with just the five of us.
With much anticipation early that Sunday morning of May 22, 2022, we arrived at the Double Tree hotel, armed with signs and a speaker, soundboard, and a wagon to carry it all down the elevator into the basement without one confirmation of attendance, projecting confidence and believing that we heard God. We descended to the hotel's basement, our hearts excited with faith and adventure regardless of the outcome we knew we obeyed God! We were walking solely on faith, not knowing who, if anyone, would get up and come to our new church in the basement of the Double Tree Hotel.
Then, a glimmer of hope appeared as we saw someone familiar walking down those imposing stairs – Jimmy's lifelong friend, along with his son, arrived to offer their support. They joined us in setting up for the first service, and support our step of faith. It was beautiful and very much needed.
As we continued to prepare, we were elated when another figure descended the stairs – Billy Quintanilla, carrying a box full of Bibles. He had seen that one Facebook post and knew in his heart that this was the place where he belonged He was finally Home.
The moments leading up to the service were so exciting and then it was breathtaking… Friends and family so many   with tears running down their beautiful faces, started making their way down those same stairs. Our hearts swelled with joy and gratitude. God was right; He knew what He was doing.
Gathered in the cozy basement of the Double Tree hotel, 30 souls united in worship the word and prayer. It was a profound experience, affirming our faith in the power of God's guidance.
As the weeks passed, our little congregation grew, and the basement could no longer contain our growing community. With hearts filled with courage and faith, we moved to the ballroom conference room of the same hotel.
But the journey did not end there. In the following months, we took yet another leap of faith and relocated to the Science Spectrum, where our community continues to thrive and flourish.
 After Thanksgiving of 2023 we moved to The Parkway Center at 405 N. Martin Luther King Blvd, as we needed more space and a place to be able to access throughout the week and pray.

The ride has been incredible, and it's only been a year. But we know this is just the beginning of an awe-inspiring adventure guided by God's plan. We are grateful for each step, each soul touched, and each heart transformed on this extraordinary journey of answering His call. The future is full of hope and promise, and we walk forward with the assurance that God's plan is greater than anything we could ever imagine.

Expanding the vision...

The core vision of KCI is to reach out to the lost and bring comfort and healing with the arms of the Love Of Christ.  Our heart  is to break down the barriers that religion causes and intern  divides  Church as a whole. To build a strong community of believers that crosses denominational barriers and is devoted to fulfilling God's original plan.
We believe Jesus not only provided salvation but Healing, Miracles, and Prosperity.
 Our approach follows Five key principles:
 First to Love, Disciple, Train, Empower,  and Send.
Love is the principle thing, Love is Action and we are committed to serving our communities in Love and Action.
 Our focus is not only on the local church but also on our community as a whole.
We are focused on creating an atmosphere that is morally joined with Christ and provides an outlet to enjoy time with Friends, Family, Local Art, and Local Wholesome Entertainment.
We are also passionate about creating impactful programs for the children in this region, ensuring that no child goes without shelter, food, and clothing.  Additionally, we extend a helping hand to single parents and widows, guiding them towards recovery and overcoming the challenges they face.
We also strive to empower people to achieve their dreams of homeownership or entrepreneurship, fostering personal growth and progress. Our ultimate goal is to see everyone thriving and becoming better versions of themselves through the power of God, Faith, Prayer,Knowledge and Action.

Where we are headed...

New building,  Gosple Trucks taking the Gospel, food, clothing and help  to families and children across the region. Called First to Love Then To Action!  Will you help is in our mission? Let's Spread the Love of God together.  Click below to give your drop in the bucket to see lives changed. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together  Coffee & Donuts @ 10:30 and Worship at 11:00